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We strive for high standards in effective services and participant experience.

The Community Mental Health Fund is a public resource responsible to the taxpayers of Jackson County. This means the Fund and its contracting agencies must strive for high standards in effective services, participant experience, and managing costs. We carry out special projects to help us support effective practices, maximize resources and coordinate with other sources of financial support.

As a building block for value-based care, we have developed a tier-based reimbursement process to establish quality benchmarks for newly established services of Case Support, Case Management, and Care Coordination. 

School-Based Mental Health Services

There is an important and growing need to support students’ mental health. Our priorities include, but are not limited to, services for students at higher risk, engagement in community services, family participation, district roles/responsibilities, and encouraging Medicaid funding. Because students with behavioral health concerns and trauma can be eligible for special services under Missouri law, CMHF requires parent communication and other procedural safeguards.

We commissioned an environmental scan, interviews with district personnel, a summary and recommendations, and a presentation to help guide funding decisions. CMHF guidelines for funding in school-based settings describe priorities, eligible organizations, uses of funds, and program management. The guidelines align with our definitions and documentation for billable services.

Update: The Trustees consider funding for school-based mental health services on a case-by-case basis. Funding was recently approved for services:

  • Provided directly by the applicant agency.
  • For students who are enrolled for care by a mental health agency, which includes a case plan and assessment-based goals.
  • That integrate family members in treatment.
  • That augment Medicaid-funded treatment.